Adventures in VOIP (Part 1)

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Having recently setup my home landline using a VOIP solution I thought the experience might be of interest to others. This first post covers the choice of hardware and basic setup. I will set out in a... Read More

Battle for the Boardroom

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My professional institute – the Institute of Consulting – has released a new viral game targeted at young people considering a career in management or consulting. Needless to say, my first... Read More


The kids and I have been getting into modelling as our wet weather hobby recently and Archie is getting pretty good at it (Jemima enjoys the painting more than the gluing). Archie was given a Spitfire... Read More

In defence of the railways

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As a managemant consultant I have done my share of business travel over the past ten years and at times it has been frankly a bit of a bore. However, for the past three years I have been working almos... Read More