Monty’s first swing

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The weather was lovely in Wandsworth this Sunday so not only did we go to the park – which we tend to do every weekend come rain or shine – but I took the oportunity to capture the moment ... Read More

Messing about with Qik

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I finally caved in and bought a smart phone last November, but being a contrary type I did not go for an iphone, I got the Nokia N97 mini. It’s fairly good, but that is a post for another day. I... Read More

All well now

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So¬† Monty’s operation went really well on Monday. We did have some concern that the surgeon was going ahead solely on our diagnosis – Kate and I were the only ones to have felt the hernia... Read More


Monty is over 3 months old now and is very much a part of the family. With A & J visiting their grandparents for a couple of days over half term we have Monty all to ourselves. How did we ever fin... Read More